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Join us as we explore our passion – The Future Of Living. In a series of 6 episodes we discuss the various themes that are shaping the way our lives are changing.

Our expert guests will delve into areas from tech to housing and everything in between!

UKO Podcast Host:
Nicola Rushton.

Nicola is a Designer, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Researcher, Coach, Mentor, Blogger and world traveller. Nicola was also one of the first ever UKO co-live residents, doing a 3 month stint while working at Atlassian. She is a superb communicator and brings a well-honed and generous interviewing style learned from the hundreds of people she’s spoken to in her extensive work with product research. Nicola will host 6 episodes in “The Future Of Living” series.

Matthew Vernon

Episode #2 : Matthew Vernon is a freelance designer based in Sydney. Matt is a designer in the purest sense; from concept right through to brand and product delivery.

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Alex Gorbunov

Episode #1: Alexander Gorbunov arrived in Sydney from Russia just 2 months ago as a Cyber Security consultant to the Australian Finance Industry.

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