Can designs influence your mood?

Can designs influence your mood?

09 February, 2021 | BY UKO

Behind every grand building, is a grand design that has a badass science to it.


Introducing the science behind the unique and modern Paddington studio apartment and the influence these designs can have on our mood. 


It’s no secret that patterns, light, dark and space all play into our mood. But what about innovation, clean finishes, tech and functional design?


Architects and designers have often considered space and function over the behaviour of those who will live with it, but that is all changing without a shadow of a doubt. 


User-friendly buildings are being adapted into city scapes more and more and with good reason; cost of living and desire to live life differently. Today’s renter is different. They value flexibility and experiences more than any generation before them.


Smart design.  Modern living


UKO has been built for digital nomads, corporate travellers, students, key workers, flexible renters and well, just about anyone interested in the idea. It’s all encompassing design solution was built to simplify responsibilities and present a smart and functional space for modern living.


UKO’s design team develop shared space apartments that are functional, adaptable and comfortable.  Above all, every room has been created to ‘live in’ and meet the needs of the wellbeing of their residents. ​

Well-designed communal spaces form the centre-piece for interactions between residents.  The interior architecture and design layout has been optimised for easy living and for mood in light of it’s easy-on-the-eye aesthetics.


Designed for living


Apartment furniture and appliances have been considered with the same focussed strategy.  Every detail adds to rental appeal.  From the adaptable, move anywhere furnishings, to the move-in-ready studio’s, the active social spaces and instant communities.  Above all, it’s affordable.


It’s no wonder UKO has become Australia’s undisputed leader in the co-living arena; an established, well-connected and reputable brand that meets the needs of its residents first.


Moods are lifted not just by the hidden gems in the architect, but by the community, events, sense of belonging and lighter way of living.  It’s designed for living.


To Find out more about co-living, visit 




Book a tour and come see for yourself.


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Breathing space feature

Breathing Space - Now available!

Breathing Space – Now Available!

09 February, 2021 | UKO

UKO knows how valuable your time is, so they’ve created a living space dedicated to it.  With views to melt into and sophisticated design features, landscaped gardens and the support of community living, you’ll have all the time you need.

UKO’s latest edition to the family is a brand new high-profiled listing in Top Ryde

If you love the finer things in life, these premium apartments might be the space you’ve been waiting for.


Breath in peace-of-mind ownership! 


UKO’s high-end boutique offers 1,2 and 3 bedroom furnished and unfurnished apartments. Designed to suit the modern family and working professionals, every lease is secure from the day you move in, which means you can live here for as long as you like.  

These executive-styled apartments are a designers dream. They are not just pleasing to the eye with Italian bathroom finishes, caesar stone benches, outdoor living, great views and landscaped gardens but they are functional hubs that build genuine friendships, networks and communities. 


Prized design


Botanic, Top Ryde was built in collaboration between highly acclaimed Sasco
Developments and one of Australia’s top-tier architects, Fender Katsalidis!

Featuring a stunning sandstone and timber-louvre exterior, the building entrance itself is a special attraction.

Everyone seem to be looking for that perfect work-life balance these days and personal success demands a lot of you and your time.  UKO have invested a lot of thought into this notion.  They have devised lifestyle solutions throughout their co sharing apartments that not only offer their residents the luxury of more time, but a philosophy for improved standards of living through architectural design.   

This premium property also includes a private host, planned entertainment, secure parking and upmarket shared spaces. It’s a collective mindset and pooled philosophies that set living at UKO apart. This is the evolution of designer living; aimed at building quality experiences through community and a lot more breathing space. 


It’s luxury of life meets the luxury of time


The future of living has arrived and can finally live up to your expectation as the benefits shift to the renter.  As this year picks up momentum, gear yourself towards living life your way.  If anything, the lessons learnt from last year have led us to exactly where we need to be.  So, perhaps this is the year to take charge and engage with living the life you envisage for yourself and perhaps your family.  Whether you are a working professional, or a small family, this upmarket lifestyle is possible for everyone.  


Isn’t it time you breathed some space into your life?


To find out more about Top Ryde, Visit

Or book a tour today to come see for yourself!

15 Steps to a Better You

15 Steps to a Better You

NOVEMBER 25, 2020 | BY UKO

Developing one’s self and finding balance 

Get back on track with 15 steps to a better you: make plans, make money, get into a good routine… etc, just follow these steps and there you’ll have it; a better you. No, well we all know it’s not so simple. We want our lives to be exciting and fulfilling however there isn’t any guide for how to exactly achieve this. We can get caught up in work and even lose track of time, to the point where we wonder where the years go. Juggling study, work and life… the old work-life balance is challenging. At the best of times, work won’t clear your mind, so we need to find this excitement for fulfilment elsewhere… but how!

Balance The Grind is a website entirely dedicated to showcasing healthy work-life balance through stories of people all over the world in different careers and lifestyles. No individual is the same, hence talking anyone through an ideal step-by-step process just won’t work. However by looking at others as examples, we might be able to garner the ideas that we need to coordinate all of the things that make up our work and our lives. 

Balance The Grind’s Daily Routines series explores the daily routines, schedules, habits and rituals of successful world leaders, artists, startup founders, business executives, writers and world class athletes to uncover the key learnings. I took a look at Sydney local entrepreneurs Manda Kelly, Co-founder of Freelancing Gems,  Lauren Crystal, Co-founder of Hassle and Liam McNally, Diversity & Inclusion Partner at GitLab. These people all have such busy days! Back-to-back meetings, small time slots to produce work, guest speaking on webinars and then they’ve got their families, friends and health to sort out! How do they do it? Multitasking, juggling follow-ups… they’ve all had experience stopping and starting routines and practices to adjust and adapt their lives. 

The key is to give yourself the time.

Time to work out what it is that you need to balance work and life. This is because balance is going to be different for everyone and dependent upon commitments, health and family situation. Central aspects of Manda, Laren and Liam’s lives are exercise, work flexibility and breaking work down into smaller pieces. No university assignment work style all-nighters! What a relief! 

Manda, Lauren and Liam all exercise in the mornings at some stage. It may be first thing at 6:00 am, at 8 am… or later in the morning at 11 am. Flexibility is something that these people have across the board which allows for different intersections of work and life. Work flexibility means that you don’t have to wait until 6:00 pm to get to the gym. It also means that you can work globally, Liam’s company is US based and Manda has recently spoken at the UN World Entrepreneurs Day webinar. Flexible work means they can all make their personal appointments which are often scheduled during work hours. Their work patterns are broken up into 1-2 hour slots and regular breaks such as gym, groceries, walks or coffees are integrated around slots. The experts say productivity is then increased and the mind is cleared.

So what does balance mean to Manda, Lauren and Liam? For Manda Kelly, balance means “personal balance in mind, body and spirit! I am pretty high energy so I need my down time and mindfulness.” Lauren Crystal says it’s “ loving your job, whilst at the same time your work environment and respecting the boundaries of your personal life.” For Liam McNally, “it’s very important for me to have that integration in order to be productive. I achieve this by being strict with my flexibility.”  

These may not be your answers but here are the top tips from the experts: 

  • Turn your phone on airplane mode so you don’t get calls during your personal time.
  • Use tools such as Hassle to reduce emails to a minimum.
  • Focus for 1-2 hour intervals of work and take breaks to maximise productivity. 
  • Never compromise your exercise or your health. 
  • Catch up with friends to break up your day for exercise, walks or coffees. 

Balance to maintain both our mental and physical health is essential. If you’re not healthy you can’t do much at all! By burning the candles at both ends you can get run down, exhaust yourself and potentially bring out illnesses. Keep that balance! It’s not as easy as following any step by step guide as we all have different responsibilities and commitments as well as heath levels. So, ensure that you take the time to work out what you need to get your balance right!