Can designs influence your mood?

Can designs influence your mood?

09 February, 2021 | BY UKO

Behind every grand building, is a grand design that has a badass science to it.


Introducing the science behind the unique and modern Paddington studio apartment and the influence these designs can have on our mood. 


It’s no secret that patterns, light, dark and space all play into our mood. But what about innovation, clean finishes, tech and functional design?


Architects and designers have often considered space and function over the behaviour of those who will live with it, but that is all changing without a shadow of a doubt. 


User-friendly buildings are being adapted into city scapes more and more and with good reason; cost of living and desire to live life differently. Today’s renter is different. They value flexibility and experiences more than any generation before them.


Smart design.  Modern living


UKO has been built for digital nomads, corporate travellers, students, key workers, flexible renters and well, just about anyone interested in the idea. It’s all encompassing design solution was built to simplify responsibilities and present a smart and functional space for modern living.


UKO’s design team develop shared space apartments that are functional, adaptable and comfortable.  Above all, every room has been created to ‘live in’ and meet the needs of the wellbeing of their residents. ​

Well-designed communal spaces form the centre-piece for interactions between residents.  The interior architecture and design layout has been optimised for easy living and for mood in light of it’s easy-on-the-eye aesthetics.


Designed for living


Apartment furniture and appliances have been considered with the same focussed strategy.  Every detail adds to rental appeal.  From the adaptable, move anywhere furnishings, to the move-in-ready studio’s, the active social spaces and instant communities.  Above all, it’s affordable.


It’s no wonder UKO has become Australia’s undisputed leader in the co-living arena; an established, well-connected and reputable brand that meets the needs of its residents first.


Moods are lifted not just by the hidden gems in the architect, but by the community, events, sense of belonging and lighter way of living.  It’s designed for living.


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