Can designs influence your mood?

Can designs influence your mood?

09 February, 2021 | BY UKO

Behind every grand building, is a grand design that has a badass science to it.


Introducing the science behind the unique and modern Paddington studio apartment and the influence these designs can have on our mood. 


It’s no secret that patterns, light, dark and space all play into our mood. But what about innovation, clean finishes, tech and functional design?


Architects and designers have often considered space and function over the behaviour of those who will live with it, but that is all changing without a shadow of a doubt. 


User-friendly buildings are being adapted into city scapes more and more and with good reason; cost of living and desire to live life differently. Today’s renter is different. They value flexibility and experiences more than any generation before them.


Smart design.  Modern living


UKO has been built for digital nomads, corporate travellers, students, key workers, flexible renters and well, just about anyone interested in the idea. It’s all encompassing design solution was built to simplify responsibilities and present a smart and functional space for modern living.


UKO’s design team develop shared space apartments that are functional, adaptable and comfortable.  Above all, every room has been created to ‘live in’ and meet the needs of the wellbeing of their residents. ​

Well-designed communal spaces form the centre-piece for interactions between residents.  The interior architecture and design layout has been optimised for easy living and for mood in light of it’s easy-on-the-eye aesthetics.


Designed for living


Apartment furniture and appliances have been considered with the same focussed strategy.  Every detail adds to rental appeal.  From the adaptable, move anywhere furnishings, to the move-in-ready studio’s, the active social spaces and instant communities.  Above all, it’s affordable.


It’s no wonder UKO has become Australia’s undisputed leader in the co-living arena; an established, well-connected and reputable brand that meets the needs of its residents first.


Moods are lifted not just by the hidden gems in the architect, but by the community, events, sense of belonging and lighter way of living.  It’s designed for living.


To Find out more about co-living, visit 




Book a tour and come see for yourself.


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Hey there, lonely!

Hey there, lonely!

December 22, 2020 | BY UKO

Sometimes we end up feeling alone.  Friends move away; you’re living someplace new; or perhaps you’ve started a new job.  Sometimes feeling lonely is just a moment in time that can be fixed with a quick bit of advice. 


Co-living is a modern take on a share-house. It gives you a private studio and invites a sense of community.  It doesn’t matter if you are single, a couple, new to the country or in from another state.  UKO is the perfect launchpad to meet new friends and feel part of the neighbourhood real quick.


Privacy, security and space


UKO private studio units are designed to a highest quality with modern finishes. They have all been created to maximise space and comfort and entertain (yes, that’s on your agenda, even if it’s not right now).  Each unit has its own kitchenette facility and ensuite bathroom, making each space a comfortable and self-sufficient living space. 


Friends, community and entertainment


Our properties celebrate communal spaces to work, share a coffee, entertain, meet new friends or mingle.  It’s easy to make friends,collaborate and share ideas in this space.  It’s the perfect way to build a network and integrate quickly.


Every apartment has a host that plans events and entertainment to bring everyone together, so it never needs to feel forced or intimidating.  You can expect free yoga, BBQs and other social events.


Lonely just doesn’t exist at UKO, so what are you waiting for!  The new year is looming. You can literally just move in with a bag and go.  2021 is the year you make your mark and meet new found friends.  


“I’ve enjoyed the community events – we had an awesome Christmas dinner which was like one big family! I’ve also been able to make great professional connections.” 

UKO Resident – Stanmore






UKO Crew

Top 5 house-keeping resolutions for 2021

Top 5 house-keeping resolutions for 2021

December 22, 2020 | BY UKO


Make your New Years’ resolution about you. And why not!  After the year we’ve had, you deserve to make a few important changes to build you up in 2021. Make 2021 your year of independence!


Here’s our top house-keeping tips to help you ease into the year ahead:


Live lighter


Make 2021 your year of lightness. This means less clutter, less baggage, less hassle, less rent. Your aim should be to do less of the stuff that weighs you down and chews up time and focus on giving back to yourself in other ways.  Time is precious and we need to protect it and make it work for us.  How will you make it work for you this year?


Take the stairs

Lockdown has delivered a year of unknowns.  It’s given food for thought in planning our year ahead. One thing is for sure, we need to practice healthier habits with every little thing we do.  Make Jan 01 2021 the day you decide to take the stairs and walk with ease to wherever it is you need to be and move on up this year.  


Get connected


Many people around the world got to feel the heaviness of loneliness this year sadly. If anything, it’s tested our personal space and showed us the importance of community. Make 2021 your year to connect more.  Reach out to others and belong to something greater than yourself. Enrich your life with community, stronger friendship and the support you deserve.


Live life your way


Commit to you! This is your year to live the way you really want.  There’s no time like now to start. If life has weighed you down this year, perhaps you need to think about the new practices and habits that will enable you more next year.  This could mean living more centrally, living with others, or living a more simpler life.  You may want to live closer to work or in walking distance to your locals.  Whatever you need, be sure the year ahead is kind and makes it possible for you to do the things in your life that really matter to you every day.


Off-line your life


2020 has seen us lose track of how long we spend online. Make 2021 your most productive year yet and find ways to celebrate living life your way by learning a new skill, meeting new friends, playing old-school board games, being outdoors, practicing yoga, gardening, cooking or anything that doesn;t involve a screen.  Your mind and body will thank you for this in the year ahead.


Resolution solution

It’s all ready for you.  Get your bags packed and move straight into your new designer ready-made studio.  Complete with friends, sunset views, free yoga, BBQ nights and best of all, your rent will cover it all.  All your resolutions are about to come true.


Take a closer look at some of the best co-living apartments located in and around Sydney.  Studios are now available.  Come book yourself a tour to see why our residents are thrilled with their new space:




Paddington Village






West Ryde




Before the 2021 rates kick in we’d like to offer you a special offer for the first 3 months of the year. Get in touch to apply today and let us ease you into the year ahead.


Happy new Year!  Be kind to yourself in 2021 and come see what Co-living has to offer you.  You won’t believe the difference it will make to your life. Come and see it for yourself!




Test if co-living is for you!

Test if co-living is for you!

December 22, 2020 | BY UKO

The biggest cities in the world are witnessing a social revolution. But is it for you?

The rise of co-working spaces is upon us. Social engagement and the increased cost of living has contributed greatly to the future of a community and lifestyle.  Co-living at UKO means connecting humans in all areas of life for a new way of living that’s lighter on stuff and richer in meaning. 

We’ve designed homes for those who want to live more collectively, and connectedly, it is an anchor for the curious to explore, create and socialise. 

There are several co-living spaces in Australia, the first of its kind being that of UKO, who have five (5) hubs in Sydney and are growing. We owe our success to our communities, who love nothing more than a flexible, stress-reduced, simple way of living. 


Here’s 5 way to test if this global trend is for you:

You love perks

It’s hard to think this one isn’t for us all.  Everyone loves a perk! And it seems to be a big appeal factor for our UKOers.

Do you look for amenities that feel new, are innovative, high in quality and unlike most rentals? Are you attracted to unique perks such as free on-site entertainment, laundry, house cleaning and even a host — and at no extra cost?  Do you look for reasonable rent prices, a diverse lifestyle and love the thought of sharing some of your time with like-minded people? 


You believe less is more

Do you crave experience? Do you have a love for aesthetics?  Is managing your finances better in 2021 on the cards? Do you like the idea of living a minimalistic life?  Do you like to feel organised and desire more control in your life?

Within a humble 22-35sqm in size, you’ll find a smart and innovative studio design at UKO.  Private studios are set up with functional simplicity and every space has been highly considered to maximise your living experience.   

You want rent to cover it all

Do you ever get the urge to move straight into a new fully furnished service apartment with just a bag in hand? Do you want your rent to cover everything, all bills, furnishings and more?

At UKO, every studio is fully furnished and fully private. Each includes beautifully designed spaces with appliances and a few consumables. Bills are fully covered, you can expect high speed WiFi and several other amenities, such as clean linen, BBQ’s, Movie Nights, Brunches, communal dinners and instant friends.

You could be juggling a student loan or moving out of home for the first time.  Maybe you are a young professional, single or a commuter looking to live centrally and reduce travel time. Perhaps you are a couple looking to live and save smarter with aim of finding a reliable, safe and quality life without the added hassles.

More people are looking to find easier, more convenient ways of living;  more are wanting to live sustainably, with fewer material items. More wish to spend their time and money on the things that matter most.

Solutions like UKO co living accommodation enable people to live life in ways that allow them to shape their own lives, giving them the freedom they desire.


You are inspired by innovation


Are you nomadic by nature? Are you an imaginative and creative spirit who loves the idea of all things new?  You live for smart design and form to help you live life your way.  You may want to work flexible hours?  Or perhaps work from home.

Do you love to network and brainstorm ideas? Do you long for less housework? Do you long to have more time on your hands, freeing you up to focus on what matters most to you?

Are you into craft, well-engineered things and purpose-led design? Do you like to surround yourself with clever gadgets and solutions to get through your day?

You will love how functional designs make a difference and enhance your immediate living spaces rather than take away from them at UKO.

Do you also love being ‘IN IT’ and central to all things? Do you like being able to tap into life as you walk out the door? UKO co-living in Sydney offers several spaces, all in prime locations and within a quick walking distance to the events, best clubs, bars, restaurants and shops to have your home life experiences meet your good time ones as often as you feel the urge.


You want friendship and a community



Are you looking for an instant community and authentic friendships? Loneliness might have been a concern for you in the past and you are looking to move past it.  Do you like the security of having others around you? Do you desire a sustainable lifestyle that builds a bank of experiences and do you thrive on social interaction? 

Do you long to forge your own path and do things differently? What about true friendship and companionship in times of need? This is most definitely a place of connection for you to consider.  Although each studio is private, the communal spaces and host present the perfect opportunity for networking and collaboration. Your host will motivate get togethers, when times are safe to do so (outside any Covid restrictions) and your community awaits when you feel like connecting.  It’s like having friends on tap.


If you said YES to any of the above questions, then co-living will definitely suit you and you should consider booking a tour at UKO today.


BOOK A TOUR today or visit for more information about co-living.


Value in A New World

Value in A New World


How valuable are the physical things that we strive to obtain and harbor in life? Converting to co-living.

My journey to co-living was in stages… the tipping point was when COVID hit Australia — who would’ve thought!

Coming from startup land in Sydney, I’m across new businesses and market entrants. My first impression of UKO was — a great concept… it embodies minimalist and flexible living, however, it isn’t quite practical for me right now. During this time two things were becoming apparent in my life:

Firstly, that my career would revolve around technology and my lifestyle would always be to a degree nomadic — traveling domestically and internationally for leisure, work, friends, and family. It wasn’t a stage or a once-off event like a uni exchange.

Secondly, my have for life admin became stronger— it’s boring and I see little value in it. I’m always looking for ways to eliminate it and I disagree with the notion that ‘it’s part having responsibilities’. I never liked signing any contracts (for example phone plans) because long-term commitment didn’t match the evolution in my life. Minimalism and the need for flexibility were emerging more in my life.

Converting to co-living

The first stage of converting to co-living was deciding to avoid real estate agents at all costs (the rental system is the worst system ever!). So, I sold all of my furniture and appliances — all of which I outlaid a cost of $4000 and gave away/ sold for 10% of the purchase price. I had no lease for the first time in a while, I went to Europe not having to pay rent back home for a month — great! When I came back to Sydney I stayed in an Airbnb until I found a place on Flatmates — no lease and not much furniture ($1000 worth) — great. I lost money again when I moved as COVID hit. I had flexibility but I still had to have some furniture.

The second stage of converting to co-living was when I flew to regional Australia for a couple of months, I was considering joining a local co-working space however in COVID, I couldn’t justify the value anymore. I was confused about what I should be doing.

When I returned to Sydney UKO was the solution. It could accommodate my 2 suitcase concept, I didn’t have to outlay costs for furniture and appliances and I could eliminate life admin through UKO’s subscription modesl — an all-inclusive price — Amazing! I subscribed in 15 minutes. #signmeup

COVID — the tipping point

When my world became 100% online and there was no physical reason for me to be in Sydney, this was an exciting concept. However, I didn’t expect to find it as challenging as I did being outside of a city. I took lockdown as an opportunity to focus on a project that I had running in South Australia. What I was lacking was a network and connectedness to a community that could support and enhance my lifestyle.

Contrasting the UKO community with being in Adelaide — a regional city, it’s clear how important a role co-living has in shaping this new world. I struggled to work in Adelaide as COVID presented a huge challenge for how we are to now engage with people and expand our network to generate value.

Thinking about lifestyle and how far mine is adapted — value now really is in the non-physical things; when driving a car, owning a fridge or a TV has no relationship to my work… it’s all just stuff. And more, all of this stuff becomes a liability when you’re stuck with it — like a rental lease with a bad housemate. Co-living becomes an asset.

How we create our lives and what we fill it with is so important. With systems designed for a new world that’s shaped around both technology and the knowledge economy, why use services or commit to responsibilities that aren’t suited to this new world? The physical things that we aspire to, and harbour so closely, we should perhaps think quite differently about.

Intersecting Lifestyle with Design and Tech

Intersecting Lifestyle with Design and Tech


How design and technology are re-inventing our lifestyles.

UKO is a collection of unique spaces where you can live in inner-Sydney in your own way. Each space is unique and purpose-built for its site and suburb.

UKO co-living communities are inspired by the Unite d’Habitation in Marseille, France, designed by architect, Le Corbusier. The 1950’s design was a response to families in need of housing after the bombings of France. This new housing project focused on the concept of functionality and communal living… yes, very far-flung from the ‘American dream’ of a car and a house in the suburbs born out of the late 20th century.

In another project, Le Corbusier explored minimalist living designing and living, for a time, in Cabanon de Vacances (holiday cottage). This design is starkly different from the Unite d’Habitation, however, embodies the same concepts and the exploration of minimalism and functionality through design.

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Cabanon de vacances

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UKO Stanmore

The influence of green colour and raw materials utilised in the Cabanon de vacances is evident at UKO Stanmore. UKO has taken tried concepts, combined them, and is executing them in a new context — time and place. Now is a time of significant disruption, now is technologically advanced and how we create communities is fundamentally different to the 1950’s.

A new age

The concepts of community, locality, and practicality pioneered by Le Corbusier are carried through in co-living. Co-living embodies a similar role of cafes during the Age of Enlightenment that brought on social change in Europe. Two centuries before Le Corbusier, it was the cafes that were a significant place for meetings and interaction — the generation of, and collaboration on ideas. UKO communities are becoming such places.

How living spaces, short lease furnished apartments and communities are now transcending change is aided by technology in a new age that’s globalized and digital. However, the way in which it intersects with the real-world yearns for authenticity from users. We’re all human so the intersection is delicate. The family-unit and work may have evolved dramatically but home or community will always be a focal point of our lives.

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We hold supercomputers in the palms of our hands.

Technology designed around UKO Life

The way that co-living spaces, such as UKO, are employing technology evolves tenants as customers by delivering a complete rental experience. With simply your phone you can organise a UKO tour, subscribe to live at a space, pay your weekly subscription, unlock your front door, and connect with the UKO social networks and to events. When Design as a discipline is elevated with technology we’re on our way to achieving the new 21st-century dream.

The Co-working Evolution

The Co-working Evolution


You’ve heard of co-working, but co-living?

For entrepreneurs, co-working was an exciting concept for a work environment. Access to affordable, flexible workspace, and a community. I remember the old days of Fishburners, Haymarket in Sydney — the original building. I’d attend the Friday drinks, hang out, see businesses pitch and listen to guest speakers from the ecosystem. There was hype and excitement from the success stories from within it. Fishburners has since integrated into the NSW Government’s Sydney Startup Hub in the CBD — an 11-floor building established to generate SME’s through co-working, of which have created 100 percent of all net jobs growth in NSW in the 6 years leading up to 2014 (*Source: Jobs for the Future Report). Co-working has played a part in many startup’s lifecycles — many do launch and start out in these communities because of the support that’s so valuable during a business’s infancy.

COVID-19, earlier in the year, I was sitting in a co-working space seeing people leave their hot desks or small office space wondering what would be next for co-working. Teams distributed overnight. What had been an emerging norm and source of so much value in my work for the past 4.5 years looked to be going down the drain. I left for regional Australia.

The workplace literally became anywhere. For the first time, locality was irrelevant so long as you had your laptop and Wifi. As individuals and teams weren’t in co-working spaces where did they go… anywhere but a Fishburners, which the Government boosted to grow the economy or a WeWork, which in recent news has been the center of co-working controversy.

The workplace is anywhere

The demand for co-working is predicted to increase, that’s undoubtedly true but how co-working will evolve is still being defined.

Today’s workplace can be anywhere — remote employees, startups, and freelancers are now migrating seamlessly between home offices, coffee shops, and co-working spaces. As I write from the common room of UKO Stanmore I’m about to go for a meeting at a cafe and then spend the afternoon at +U Collective. As part of my co-living subscription, I have 10 days/ month access to UKO’s partner co-working space. Combined co-working co-living subscriptions at UKO start from $400/ week, all-inclusive. Other international co-living providers Mason & Fifth (London) and Outsite (USA & Global) offer similar solutions where members live in private studio apartments and share access to common areas.

When I left my last co-working space to go to regional Australia, I was confident that as long as I had my laptop I could be anywhere for opportunities. In South Australia, I thought — why don’t people do co-working — well they didn’t want to pay for something that they could do in their four-bedroom detached home.

I see co-living as the next biggest thing in housing due to the benefits of all-inclusive rent, added conveniences, and access to a community that lowers the cost of living. As 1 billion people are predicted to access co-working by 2030, right now is only the begging for co-living — what’ll be a bigger and better version of co-working. How it continues to evolve is still unknown.