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Grab a new lease on life

Get a new lease on life!

09 February, 2021 | UKO

What if I said you could lease the life you always imagined for yourself, that it’s not a fantasy and if you wanted, you could start living it today!


2021 has kicked off (Happy New Year btw) and although we are all a little more crowd-aware, we are definitely pulling together more as a family in a radical spike of consciousness and desire to appreciate more. 


Appreciation is a bit of a funny verb.  We think we are all acting on it, until we’re faced with adversity and we are forced to look it straight in the eyes.  So right about now, we are probably doing our fair share of what I like to call, appreciation grazing.  And that’s a great thing. No-one ever said too much of a good thing was bad right?


With heightened appreciation for loved ones and life, we are also forced to re-evaluate how we live and with who.  And that’s probably very normal. These strange times have introduced a slurry of revolutions that promote change in every which direction, so if there was ever a time to sit up and pay attention, it’s now. Loneliness is a thing of the past!


Our time is now


We’ve seen the rise of social revolutions.  We have seen humanity rise globally and the celebration of family.  The rental revolution is here and coming soon, right along with it, is the community living revolution.


We are appreciating what we have more, lightening the burden of finances and life by living with less.  We are coming together more, collaborating and seeing strength in the collective.  We are seeing remote working, trust increase and humans coming together in a time of need. 


Appreciation is self preservation and you could lease your way to living life your way through the rise of yet another ‘sign of the times’ protégé’, co-living.  Read our top 5 house keeping resolutions for 2021.  


Giving yourself a new lease on life is not just a saying, just like our appreciation cousin, it hides in the weeds until we see it.  It’s a good time to explore.  


Generation lease


It’s estimated that approximately 1.46 million Australian renters are aged between 25 – 34 years old. Of this number, 250,000 live by themselves.


This generation of independent renters are characterised as being highly mobile, moving through careers and from place to place.


They are tech-savvy, digitally connected, working professionals demanding flexible living solutions to fulfil their everyday needs. 


Co-living is a modern form of shared living. You get a private designer micro apartment all to yourself and share the living spaces with others. In expensive inner cities, it’s become a popular space to live more affordably, connect with others and empower you to live the dream.


The world may show her cracks, but there are enormous opportunities if you are looking


UKO offers multiple co-living spaces in Sydney for you to choose from.   Every studio comes fully furnished, with lease flexibility, a community host and community activities! 


Make 2021 the year you look back on with a smile for giving yourself that new lease on life.  


Book yourself a tour to see why our residents are thrilled with their space:


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Find out more about co-living and UKO today. 




Book a tour with us and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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