Our community

What UKO life looks like

You’re genuinely coming home.

Instead of being invited to sit at a table, you belong at the table.

What is co-living?

Innovatively designed fully furnished private studio apartments with lease flexibility, on-site host and community activities – all without the frustrations of dodgy landlords!

Who is it for?

No one person fits the mould. We’ve built this for a mindset; for those want to forge their own path and do things differently. We are talking to the up and coming entrepreneurs and future innovators seeking to monetise their passion in their own unique way.

Our spaces

Community areas

Our design includes spaces for you to hang out, get some work done, chat with other guests or invite your friends over for a dinner party. For those times you’re seeking a community vibe rather than being in your apartment you have the option of a courtyard or lounge room to socialise or just chill. It’s also where you will find the community host floating about. Most likely in the courtyard if the sun is shining!

Community activities

All UKOs have free events on site to bring the community together. Join us for Saturday morning Yoga or weekly gettogethers like community dinners, movie nights or wine tasting! See your Community Host for the schedule.

Studio spaces

Each UKO is a collection of smartly designed studio apartments and friendly spaces, home to like-minded individuals looking for a new way to live.

With customisable furniture and fittings, you can set-up your space to suit you and your lifestyle – create a mini lounge room, dining area or exercise space whenever, however you like.

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Our community