Co-living is ‘community – living’.  It’s about like minded people coming together to live out their best lives in the city.  It is about living differently.  You need to be open to connection, networking and shared spaces while living in your own private studio.

Absolutely! UKO is for those who are looking for something a little different, convenience, community and a simpler, lighter way of life.  Co-living is definitely for everyone; the singles, the couples, the friends, the nomads, students, the corporates and the curious.  We have a space for you all.

The UKO studios average 25sqm. Every space has innovative custom-built storage and bespoke finishings to maximise space.  There’s an outside space to nearly every studio and our communal areas more than make your living experience grand.  The best way to be sure, is to book a tour and come see how great this is for yourself.

The average age of our tenants is between 25-40, although we’ve had younger and older.  We really are very diverse and age is merely a number at UKO.  It’s not the age that matters, it’s the mindset and everyone at UKO are like-minded and well suited to living together.

We interview everyone who is interested in living at UKO.  We look for like-minded people who are easy going and interested in people, because UKO is all about the people.  It’s important that everyone who lives at UKO are respectful, considerate humans who contribute to the community.

Every UKO has a go to person for neighbourhood questions. Our on-site community hosts also organise activities and events at each location. We host all sorts of events like community dinners, yoga, movie nights, trivia nights even the occasional gin making workshop! Our hosts manage all the happenings, your community and any queries you might have.

The UKO studios average 25sqm. Every space has innovative custom-built storage and bespoke finishings to maximise space.  Our communal areas are an extension of your experience at every apartment.  The best way to be sure, is to book a tour and come see how great this is for yourself.

We want you to make the most of your space and create a layout that’s fit for you. The adjustable furniture in some UKO rooms give you the option to have a mini lounge room, dining area or exercise space whenever, however you like.

All bills and amenities are included with your rent. Expect fresh linen, a little housekeeping and a community host who will arrange really amazing on-site events, activities and happenings for those interested.  We also offer fast WIFI and co-working spaces so you can work from home, hassle free. There’s lots of perks and UKO is passionate about going the extra mile for you, so the question should be, what isn’t included.

33 Studios – Newtown | 36-38 Wilson St

26 Studios – Paddington | 248 Moore Park Rd

33 Studios – Stanmore | 30-34 Parramatta Rd

23 Studios – Paddington Village | 52 Hopewell St

41 Studios – West Ryde | 17-21 Ryedale Rd

31 Units – Marrickville | 380 Illawarra road

37 Units – Top Ryde | 176 Blaxland Road

42 Units – Camperdown | 12 Barr Street, Camperdown

33 Units – Surry Hills | 46 Foveaux Street

33 Units – Glebe | 180 St Johns Road


Ha – no you cannot! While neighbourly consideration and respect plays a vital part of our UKO ethos, privacy is of huge importance.  Every studio is sound proof and has double-glazed windows to maximise privacy for our tenants.

Great question!  We’ve got you covered.  We practice sanitation, respect and responsibility at each site.  Our host / site manager makes sure this is taken care of.  Events and social gatherings take distancing and fresh air into account and we take our guide from Government advisory services to ensure we are meeting regulations, then go beyond this to go the extra mile.  Your health and safety comes first.

The minimum length of stay is 3 months and you are welcome to stay for as long as you like!

Yes! We have communal machines on each site. They are $3 a cycle. Linen is changed for free every 2 weeks.

The community host can arrange professional cleaning if you’re short of time at a fee. We otherwise ask that you keep your space clean and hygienic.

All spaces outside of the studio apartments are cleaned on a bi-weekly basis to ensure hygiene is maintained.  Communal and high spaces are cleaned more frequently on account of Covid-19 to maximise health and safety practices.

Prices start from $450 per week depending on property, length of stay and studio type.

We have a refer a friend program in place. Hosts provide all the information about this when you move in.

Our UKO guests use the common spaces to work, mingle, host events, chill or cook.  It’s where real friendships have been made and many stories have begun.  If only our walls could talk! Communal spaces are open for all residents at UKO.

If you need to move out early for any reason whatsoever, you just need to provide one-months written notice to us.

For sure – this is your pad!

Don’t be silly

We need to respect our neighbours and so we do. Regular residential restrictions apply as is common sense to communal spaces and private rooms when music is played.


Some of our apartments do allow for pets. Get in touch to find out which ones

Parking is available at some of our properties, get in touch to find out more about the location you’re interested in.

Yes, of course! For business queries, please contact our host Jorge Mendoza: jorge@uko.com.au | +61 412 170 667

We’d love for you to come take a closer look.  You can book a tour for any one of our highly sought after apartments at any time.  We look forward to seeing you!