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How to choose the best co-living rental


You’ve done your research and know a thing or two about co-living and living with a community.  Now it’s time to choose one.


Here’s 7 tips to help you decide:


1. Location

When you're looking for the right co-living spot, there are a couple of obvious leanings.  Location and accessibility are two key factors for all homes, but with co-living spaces, you will want to look for shops,  social spots and uni’s in walking distance, leisure spots in close distance, like parks and the eco-system as a whole.



2. Privacy

The little ‘unknown’ in co-living spaces is the privacy you have in your own apartment.  Unless you choose to, this space is 100% yours and yours alone.  It’s good to find out what other spaces are offered for private meetings, gatherings, relaxation or work and those that are in close walking distance too.


3. Community 

Co-living is about living within shared community spaces, and so it would help to find out about the people and the culture at the property you are interested in. Ask about the criteria for sign ups and chat to the property hosts in person about the culture, mood, communal happenings and rules.  This will give you a good sense of the types of tenants attracted and community vibe. You should also jump onto a tour and do a little ‘home discovery’ before you press play.  It will tell you all you need to know.


4. Shared values 

Look for a community with shared values that align with yours.  Looking into the all important house rules will give you a good sense of how connections work inside these spaces and where the values truly reside. 


5. Quality


Many new communities are built on a new way of living without sacrificing the quality you would expect from world-class city living and an experience. It is possible to find a designer home, with quality fittings, functional furnishings and  a community that balances all this with a modern outlook and attitude.  Take a tour to test drive a property or book a short stay to experience it first. 


6. The all important perks


One of the benefits of co-living are without a doubt, the live-in perks.  Besides a built in network and friend base, you should have a property host along with free events and happenings you can attend.  Some properties offer free tea, coffee and drinks on certain days or occasions. Some offer free wifi and apps.  Some offer discounts bike rentals, adventure sports, transport and much more. It’s worth looking into what’s in it for you! 


7. The little things

The beauty of finding your perfect co-living arrangement may be a combination or all of the above, but reading between the lines may lead you to your decision.  Co-living should be about living lighter. Look for the basics like a single rent payment with all your bills covered.  Look for hassle free rent payments. Look for flexible leases.  Look for property and apartment features, how maintenance works and the facilities as a whole. Look at the experience of the hosts and how friendly they are.  Look at the philosophy and history of a property. First impressions matter! 


Finding a home and community that suits your needs can be tricky but ask questionsand keep these basics in mind will get you there sooner. 


At UKO we have a wide range of modern facilities, on-site community hosts and ready-made communities. Why don’t you pop by to take a look?


You can book a tour for any one of our highly sought-after apartments at any time. We look forward to seeing you!


Find your UKO. 

The Rise of Co-Living

The Rise of Co-Living

December 22, 2020 | BY UKO

Co-living is on the rise worldwide. This modern way of living stems from urban hubs and travellers that have embraced the shared economy as a lifestyle and ‘work on the go’ choice, inspiring people from all walks of life. The aim; to build fresh opportunities inside their transformative and somewhat liquid environment.

Today, co-living is not just for travellers, but for anyone keen to unlock a modern life with limitless lifestyle possibilities.  Balance and community living are just a few of the benefits These nifty spaces are designed with innovation and intelligence in mind. Think James Bond x Fifth Element vibes, with the clever rendering of space and time.  And if co-housing, hostels and communal spaces come to mind, think again; they are not even close to being in the same league.

Co-living space is a modern evolving life-lab to build inspiring opportunities

and give you the ultimate gift of all – time.

There are several co-living spaces in Australia, the first of its kind being that of UKO, who have five (5) co-living hubs in Sydney with expansion plans. The success, highly attributed to the benefits of living ‘the life’ your wayUKO co-living spaces are situated in prime, highly sought after spots all over Sydney, including Paddington, Newtown, West Ryde, Stanmore and soon to be Surry Hills.  These private 25sqm studios have been converted into cutting edge, state-of-the-art micro-spaces with functional spaces to go the extra mile.

Rent from $400 per week covers a fully furnished studio.  All bills are included, along with HD TV, linen, laundry, high-speed wifi and a community host to help you out. This frees up time to invest in the important stuff, and more like the BBQ’s, Movie Nights, Brunches communal dinners,  social opportunities and an easy walk to the best of Sydney.  A bit like a new-age co living hotel that celebrates the comfort of home with the backing of friends.

Monica – Your Friendly community host

The benefits of co-living exceed expectations. Need privacy, you have it! Want to connect, come get it. Must explore the city often. Yes.  Easy access to transport.  Absolutely! Need a neat, minimalistic setup.  Definitely.  Looking for security, safety, friendship, a network, collaboration or a space to learn?  UKO ticks all the boxes and with the New Year looming, you might like to consider you next move to suit your resolutions for the year ahead.

The rise of rent is relentless!

Solutions like co-living are genius in their concept of finding solace, Co-living is in fact for everyone, from couples to singles, the aspiring Elon Musks, the innovators, the Tinder-daters, the introverts and star-struck lovers, the poets and the dreamers, the intellectuals and the socialites.  This new way of living seems to open doors to new possibilities.  It puts its residents in charge of living a more flexible, minimalistic life.