25 Hours to UKO

25 Hours to UKO

NOVEMBER 25, 2020 | BY UKO

How to spend your first 25 hours in UKO Stanmore

UKO Stanmore is in an ideal location, in between Stanmore and Annandale and walking distance to Newtown and Glebe.You have easy access into the city via bus, or a 15 minute walk to the train station that connects you to Redfern Station and Sydney’s West. Here’s your first 25 hours spent in and around UKO Stanmore. With so many options for what to do and a new community to explore, your first day might feel a little overwhelming. Here’s our guide for how settle in within 25 hours.  

Moving into coliving can happen fast! This makes relocating from interstate or overseas simple. Deciding which suburb you want to live in, organising the essentials such as furniture and utilities, setting up electricity and internet, and dealing with real estate agents can be a lot to manage. After booking a tour, on the UKO website, you can sign up straight away with your Community Host. Let’s say you’ve made the decision to move in, here’s what you can expect to happen within 25 hours at UKO. 

9 AM – This is Your Easiest Move Ever

Moving into UKO Stanmore, upon arrival Moni, the Community Host greets you and hands you your key cards to the building and your studio. She’ll help you get set up on the wifi and download the Mobile Access app where you can unlock your studio with your phone  — no need to worry about remembering or losing keys! You can now survive with no wallet! Join the UKO social network on Facebook to keep up-to-date with community happenings such as linen day (when you get your fresh linen) and events. 

Head to your studio, unpack your suitcase and hang your clothes and/or fold your clothes… the storage is clever! Everything is there. Your bed is made with fresh linen and you’re sorted for fresh towels. Your kitchen has everything you need and you’ve even got a toilet paper roll in your bathroom. There are no utilities to connect. You’re sorted. 

Moni can also introduce you to the +U Work Collective co-working space where you can currently make the most of 10 days free co-working per month. 

10 AM – Explore – Coworking 

Walk outside of your studio, down the quiet, long hallways of UKO Stanmore (there aren’t many people around at this time, they’re at work or in their studios working). Go down the lift and past the bike racks, open the front door and hear the burst of traffic on Parramatta road. Cross the traffic lights, there’s no need to plan your bus, jump on any – they’ll all take you to Central. Ride the bus 10 minutes down Parramatta Road to arrive at Central. Walk across to +U Work Collective co-working space and get set up for the day. 

5 PM – Explore Your Neighbourhood,  

Catch the bus back to UKO Stanmore, oh yes it’s only a 10-minute ride! Entering the Stanmore building from the front, you go up the elevator and whilst passing the community kitchen and find Moni! Lucky, because you need to know two very important things, your options for shopping and where you’re going to get your coffee in the morning. She sorts you out! You walk 10 minutes down Nelson Street to SuperBarn in Annandale for a quick shop to get some basic supplies and you know where you’re going to get great coffee in the morning. 

6 PM – Discover the UKO Community 

You’re looking for plans for your first night in your new home, so you check out UKO free events on the calendar to see what’s happening. It’s Friday and there are Community Drinks on! Moni has made sangria, and ordered dinner from Frank’s Pizza. You don’t know anybody but you know Moni, this makes introductions that little bit easier! The community is welcoming, everyone’s chatting about their week as well as their experiences overseas. There’s music and someone even decided to do a small dance performance! Daniel, your new neighbour, tells you about the best running route is around Black Wattle Bay. 

7 am – Become a local 

Running down from Stanmore to the Black Wattle Bay you can’t miss Tramsheds. You stop in for Breakfast at Tram Sheds before walking back to UKO Stanmore. Along Nelson street there’s the beautiful Cherry Moon General Store, where you grab your coffee and a loaf of fresh bread. 

9 am – Make this your home

Some neighbours are exercising out on the terrace on their yoga mats, you stop by for an incidental chat. 

10 am – That’s 25 hours

By 10 am, you know the area, you’ve got your bearings, you’ve begun to get to know your community and you’re settled in! That’s 25 hours at UKO Stanmore. 

What is Co-living?

What is Co-living?

OCTOBER 16, 2020 | BY UKO

What co-living exactly is, is still being defined. As three new locations have opened, the community has been sparked with events and activity.

UKO welcomes the opening of three new communities: Newtown, Paddington Village and West Ryde apartment and the evolution of UKO co-living continues. I first moved into UKO Stanmore before crossing over to Paddington Village when it opened. One of the reasons I loved the concept of UKO was this flexibility. Having lived mostly in the Inner West of Sydney and for a time in North Sydney, I wanted to try living in the East. When I wanted to move into UKO there was availability at Stanmore. When the time came to Paddington Village, I packed my bags, jumped in a car and rode 15 minutes across town on a Monday morning before work.

As new UKO’s continue to open UKO has developed as a network of localities that you can move within the network. The ability to be transient is like being a city traveller – a local traveller… experiencing different suburbs and subcultures. As the city of Sydney is a focal point for Australian immigration and growth the Australian identity continues to evolve. Crossing Sydney communities can feel like crossing separate cities – different cafes, parks, bus routes… different vibes. In the most recent People of UKO series, UKO Co-founder Rhys Williams said, “wherever you are you need to make the most of your surroundings – live the culture.”

It’s so true — you should embrace your surroundings and make the most of what’s there. If there’s an ocean – swim. If there’s a cafe that makes stone baked bread – eat it.  If there’s a bike, ride it. A BBQ, cook with it. An event — make the time to meet new people. At UKO there are communal areas with cooking facilities, spaces to work and spaces to use… all of this is for community and to bring surroundings to life. 

So what is co-living?

As of the past month co-living is a network of buildings that hosts a real-world community split across multiple locations. Each location is unique like a Sydney suburb with different features and facilitates different lifestyle types through design. The people are diverse which makes for eclectic events and transdisciplinary communal learning. Let’s see what else is to evolve!

Build Others Up

Build Others Up

OCTOBER 2, 2020 | BY UKO

When we feel accepted as ourselves there’s no need to compete, only to empower others — we can build each other up.

Image – Little Hopewell Street #intersectionwall @intersectionpaddington

Belonging means a sense that you can be 100% yourself in every inch of your actions and in what you produce you give what you truly have to offer. When you feel like you belong you’re confident in yourself and you have the capacity to bring others up around you. So it’s important for each individual to feel a sense of belonging – it strengthens a community and is an enabler for the success of many individuals.

Many people at UKO join the community during transitional life stages. Short – long-term stays and national and international lives make for a mix of changes within peoples lives and adaptation. The environments that are created through every day living as well as community events are grounds to exchange knowledge. For UKO to thrive, we need an environment that fosters collaboration and learning and for individuals to grow from their transitions.

As localities have expanded, organic events have emerged from the UKO community. We’ve seen a mid-week Karaoke night in Surry Hills, a Taco Tuesday at the Rocks, Trivia at Stanmore and Mini-golf in Newtown. There are co-workers within the community working remotely or for themselves. UKO members can take advantage of a current partnership with +U Collective , offering free co-working for UKO members. To find out more contact Vicky at info@plus-u.com.au and include your community host in the email to verify your membership.  

These groups and events are spaces to help each other out and build each other up. There’s so much diversity and collective experience across the UKO network. We’re currently 170 individuals across five buildings! The UKO community is welcoming and inclusive; to find out about upcoming events and gatherings check in with your Community Host – they’re the enablers of your UKO community. Also follow UKO on Instagram and join the Facebook Groups there’s a community Facebook group for each UKO locality as well as a general UKO group