Build Others Up

OCTOBER 2, 2020 | BY UKO

When we feel accepted as ourselves there’s no need to compete, only to empower others — we can build each other up.

Image – Little Hopewell Street #intersectionwall @intersectionpaddington

Belonging means a sense that you can be 100% yourself in every inch of your actions and in what you produce you give what you truly have to offer. When you feel like you belong you’re confident in yourself and you have the capacity to bring others up around you. So it’s important for each individual to feel a sense of belonging – it strengthens a community and is an enabler for the success of many individuals.

Many people at UKO join the community during transitional life stages. Short – long-term stays and national and international lives make for a mix of changes within peoples lives and adaptation. The environments that are created through every day living as well as community events are grounds to exchange knowledge. For UKO to thrive, we need an environment that fosters collaboration and learning and for individuals to grow from their transitions.

As localities have expanded, organic events have emerged from the UKO community. We’ve seen a mid-week Karaoke night in Surry Hills, a Taco Tuesday at the Rocks, Trivia at Stanmore and Mini-golf in Newtown. There are co-workers within the community working remotely or for themselves. UKO members can take advantage of a current partnership with +U Collective , offering free co-working for UKO members. To find out more contact Vicky at and include your community host in the email to verify your membership.  

These groups and events are spaces to help each other out and build each other up. There’s so much diversity and collective experience across the UKO network. We’re currently 170 individuals across five buildings! The UKO community is welcoming and inclusive; to find out about upcoming events and gatherings check in with your Community Host – they’re the enablers of your UKO community. Also follow UKO on Instagram and join the Facebook Groups there’s a community Facebook group for each UKO locality as well as a general UKO group